Factory-standard Robinson R22 & R44 Helicopter Overhauls

Bring in your time-expired R22 Alpha or Beta Robinson Helicopter and leave in an aircraft that performs like a new Beta II.

Our factory-standard overhaul service includes our unique modifications and a promise that we will do everything we can to see that your machine leaves our hangar in “as new” condition with every detail attended to.

We have developed specialist equipment allowing us to duplicate factory conditions and overhaul your helicopter to a high standard efficiently and cost effectively.

And we also offer:

  • Custom overhauls to suit your particular needs
  • Fixed labour costs (225 hours for standard R22 overhaul)
  • Complimentary return airfares for out-of-town customers

Safety & Performance Enhancing Modifications for Robinson Helicopters Included Where Appropriate:

  • Modified R22 helicopter exhaust system offering:
    • Reducing maintenance costs
    • Beta II level performance
    • Improved fuel consumption
    • Quieter running
    • And improved carburettor heat for increased safety.
  • Start-up modification to limit maximum start-up rpm to 85% and reduce the risk of engine overspeed.
  • Aluminium pulley for alternators, replacing more expensive steel version.
  • And the R44 Raven II two part muffler system – offering improved durability, up to 7 decibel noise reduction and reduced maintenance costs.


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